Suggested Videos for Member Prospects

Hello, my name is Michael Hintz. I am 14 and was previously the lead builder on FTC team 7039, Lord of the Bricks. My Dad, Randy Hintz, asked me to find some videos to help alleviate some confusion that  you might have about what FTC and robotics is about. 

This is a short two and a half minute video that gives a brief overview of what FTC is. I wish I watched it when I was first on a team. FIRST Tech Challenge is…

I watched this when I was starting robotics and it was helpful to me. Gracious professionalism is a trademarked term by First and is basically the point of First. It is purposely left undefined so people can find their own meaning to it, but co-founder of First, Woodie Flowers, helps shed some light on its meaning.Gracious Professionalism with Woddie Flowers

Here is a robot reveal (when a team shows off their robot to the world) from a successful team, 8644 Brainstormers, which shows many components that any given robot might have, as well as the materials from the kit that we plan to get.FTC 8644 Brainstormers Robot Reveal for 2018-2019 Season

Mecanum wheels are wheels that many teams use and wheels that we might also use. This video explains what they are, what they do, and how they work. SparkFun Mecanum Wheels

Mecanum wheels allow you to strafe much smoother than the ones in this video, but it is still helpful for you to watch.

Here is a brief overview of coding for the members who are interested in programming.  I have never coded, so this was over my head. Code Walkthrough of the FTC Robot Controller