LOGICoyote washes cars to gain funding

Funding our season

Funding a FTC season is not cheap. This is our planned annual budget for New Kent Robotics FTC:

FTC Team Registration $300
Competition Registration $800
Robot Parts $3,000
Game Elements $500
Miscellaneous Supplies $500
Total $5,100

Typically we find this funding through a combination of donations from large corporations and local businesses. This is achieved through applications to grants form larger corporations or through direct asks with local businesses. We have also supplemented this in the past through fundraisers such as spirit nights and car washes. 

Please note, we also expect to require some activity fee for each team member.  We believe that team members are more committed to the success of the team when they have a financial stake.  Also note that the activity fees do not include travel costs or uniform costs.  At a minimum, we will purchase matching T-shirts for the team members to wear at competition.  These T-shirts will include the names or logos of our sponsors, so this is one way we will recognize those businesses.

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