New Kent Robotics FTC team #16537 LOGICoyote is entering its 3rd year, and your continued support and encouragement is greatly valued!  Any success we have reaching the students and families in New Kent will be a direct result of your kind and generous donations.

We love our sponsors, and want to publicly recognize your support. All sponsors will be recognized on our website and thanked in an announcement on our Facebook page. In addition, any sponsor who helps with $100 or more will be recognized on the back of our uniform T-shirt which we wear to all competitions and outreach events.

If you have any questions please use our Contact Us form.  Remember, New Kent Robotics is a 501c3 organization and your gift is 100% tax deductible. EIN #84-2418665.

Please choose a predefined amount below, or you may select the “Enter Amount” item and specify a different amount.

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Donate $50

Donate $50 to New Kent Robotics


With a $50 donation, we can purchase a 12V Slim Battery from REV Robotics.   We need 3 or 4 batteries during a competition so that we can always have a freshly charged battery on the robot for each match.

Donate $100

$100 to New Kent Robotics.


With a $100 donation, we can purchase a full set of Mecanum Wheels from  These wheels allow for full range of motion for the robot, including strafe and diagonal movement.  Top FTC teams across the country use Mecanum wheels for their robot.

Donate $150

Donate $150 to New Kent Robotics


With a $150 donation, we can purchase a REV Expansion hub for our robot.  FTC robots use an android phone as the brain, and the expansion hub acts as a distributor.  We can connect up to 4 DC motors, 6 servos, and 8 sensors using a single REV expansion hub.  However, since a Mecanum Wheel drive system requires 4 DC motors (one for each wheel), a second REV Expansion hub is required for a robot that uses a DC motor for any other robot assembly.

Donate $250

Donate $250 to New Kent Robotics.


A $250 donation will pay for our FTC Control and Communications set.  This contains two Android phones – one rides on the robot and the other has up to 2 game pads connected to function as the driver station. 

Donate $300

Donate $300 to New Kent Robotics


Each year we will attend 2 Qualifying tournaments.  The registration fee for each event is $150.  A $300 donation will cover our Qualifying tournament registration fees for a season.

Donate $500

Donate $500 to New Kent Robotics


Each year the FTC game committee creates a new challenge for the teams.  The field and game elements also change each year.  A $500 donation will allow us to purchase a full game set so that we can test our robot and then allow our drivers to practice scoring efficiently.

Donate $1000

Donate $1,000 to New Kent Robotics.


All matches are played on a 12′ x 12′ playing field with 12″ high walls and a foam tile floor.  A $1,000 donation would allow us to purchase our own field perimeter and a full set of foam tiles.  We could use this for our own practice, invite other nearby teams to come practice, and even set up the field in a public forum for multiple teams to scrimmage!

Donate Custom Amount. (Contact Us)

We are continually ordering robot parts from, electronics from REV Robotics, and many miscellaneous supplies from Amazon.  Any amount will help us in our season.  Contact us if you would like to donate a Custom Amount.