FTC #16537 LogiCoyote

Our FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team met a few nights ago, August 13, and decided on a team name (since New Kent Robotics will hopefully have multiple teams in the future). FTC #16537 is LogiCoyote! This is a mock-up a possible team logo on the “digital camo” shirts we plan to order.

EDI Partners

New Kent Robotics thanks EDI Partners for their gracious donation to our team! They’ve been providing electronic data interchange – EDI Managed Services, EDI Outsourcing, and Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce solutions for more than 22 years! EDI Partners is known for their breadth of technical and business experience, employee and customer loyalty, and affordability.

New Kent County Fair

Thank you to the New Kent County Fair and to EVERYONE who came out and enjoyed the fair this weekend! New Kent Robotics collected parking fees for the fair, and a portion of that will be donated to our team. We also collected $100 in individual donations for the team! We love this community, and THANK YOU for the continued love and support you show us.

Our first sponsor!

New Kent Robotics extends heartfelt thanks for our first sponsor, Active Life Fitness Center!  They are conveniently located on Aspengraf Lane in New Kent, across the parking lot from the Library, and provide 24/7 access, personal training, and a wide range of fitness classes.  Stop by and say “thank you” to Active Life Fitness Center, and then ask for a tour!