More Recommended Videos

Hello, this is Michael again with some more recommended videos for aspiring members (mainly builders, but any of you can still watch them) to watch. The youtuber who makes these videos, Mark Rober, makes really cool sciencey build videos. While these are not really robot related, they do explain the engineering design process, which we will use a lot over the course of the season.

This one shows how he made a rock skipping robot (but not really a bot with programming  and such), and it goes deeply into the design process.

Rock Skip Robot

This one shows how he made a rocket powered golf club. This goes way deeper into the prototyping and testing phase of the design process than the previous video, so it is worth a watch.

Rocket Powered Golf Club

This one shows how to make a winning mousetrap car, and i did not know what that was until I watched this. This does not go in as deep into the design process as the other two, but it helps explain some confusing physics  that might come up during the season.

Mousetrap Car Ideas

I love Mark Rober’s videos. I am subscribed to him, and I have watched almost every video that he has put out. Here is a link to his channel if you are interested in checking him out.    – Michael