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What's Next?

Currently we are working hard to get the word out and find middle and high school aged students who are interested in learning more about the team.  We also need an additional coach for the team – technical skills are not required as much as enthusiasm.

Informational Meeting
Hopefully we will find a few additional families who are interested, and then we can schedule a time and place to meet for questions and answers.  I would like to see this happen sometime in June.

We need to actively engage local businesses and community leaders as soon as possible.  We have already started reaching out, and once we have other families committed, they can provide additional help in this area.

Meeting Space
This is a need that we should try to address as soon as possible.  However, we are prepared to be flexible with regards to meeting space, because it may be necessary.

Summer meetings
Once we have a few team members, I plan to start holding meetings immediately.  There is a lot of work we can accomplish before the season officially starts in September.

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