LOGICoyote washes cars to gain funding

Funding our season

Funding a FTC season is not cheap. This is our planned annual budget for New Kent Robotics FTC:

FTC Team Registration$300
Competition Registration$800
Robot Parts$3,000
Game Elements$500
Miscellaneous Supplies$500

Our plan is to raise money in the same way that we did with Lord of the Bricks – using a combination of activity fees, fundraising, and sponsorships.

Sponsors (4 @ $500 + 10 @ $100)$3,000
Fundraising (car wash, spirit night, etc.)$500
Team member activity fee (6 @ $250)$1,500

Large corporations budget for charitable contributions.  Since robotics is a STEM based activity, it aligns well with the charitable goals for many companies.  However, these companies usually require that an employee is involved with the team in some way, like a parent, coach or mentor.  I work for AFL Global, and they have been generous each year I’ve been involved with Michael’s team.  Verizon and Dominion Power have also generously donated in previous seasons based upon a parent relationship.

Local small businesses also provide some funding, although it is usually a smaller amount.  The team could also accept donated items, services, or vouchers (like a free oil change from a service station, or free meals from a restaurant). This would then require an involved parent to monetize these items, like through a web-auction.

Typical fundraising ideas can also be used, like a car wash or spirit night at a restaurant.  Once we have committed team members, we can flush out the best ideas to work with.

Please note, we also expect to require some activity fee for each team member.  We believe that team members are more committed to the success of the team when they have a financial stake.  Also note that the activity fees do not include travel costs or uniform costs.  At a minimum, we will purchase matching T-shirts for the team members to wear at competition.  These T-shirts will include the names or logos of our sponsors, so this is one way we will recognize those businesses.

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