Local kids come to Trojan Grill to drive our robot and learn about robotics

Join us on a robotic adventure.

Building a robot sounds cool, right?  It is!  But it is also a lot of hard work.  And, a successful FTC team will have members with varied interests, beyond robot building.  If you are interested in joining our team, the next few pages will provide information to answer some questions you might have as a prospective team member or parent.

Who should join? A look at ages, interests & time commitment – is robotics a good fit for you?

Benefits There are numerous advantages to being on an FTC team.

Season An FTC season has a distinctive flow.

Meetings Our team will meet a LOT during a season, so we explain what meetings are like.

Competition Competition day will last 10 hours or more!

Outreach Advancing STEM awareness to our community

Funding Where does the money come from?

Off-season What do we do in between?