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FTC #16537 LogiCoyote August 23, 2019 - Our FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team met a few nights ago, August 13, and decided on a team name (since New Kent Robotics will hopefully have multiple teams in the future). FTC #16537 is LogiCoyote! This is a mock-up a possible team logo on the "digital camo" shirts we plan to order. more
EDI Partners August 22, 2019 - New Kent Robotics thanks EDI Partners for their gracious donation to our team! They’ve been providing electronic data interchange - EDI Managed Services, EDI Outsourcing, and Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce solutions for more than 22 years! EDI Partners is known for their breadth of technical and business experience, employee and customer loyalty, and affordability.http://edi-partners.com/ more
New Kent County Fair August 20, 2019 - Thank you to the New Kent County Fair and to EVERYONE who came out and enjoyed the fair this weekend! New Kent Robotics collected parking fees for the fair, and a portion of that will be donated to our team. We also collected $100 in individual donations for the team! We love this community, and… more