Carps Corner Plaza

From the beginning, we have had our eye on the little strip mall with Rick’s Local Deli. We have lived in New Kent for 6 years, and in that entire time, the two store fronts between Rick’s and the vet have been empty. We were hoping he might be willing to donate that space to our cause.

Armed with a business plan, I asked a mutual acquaintance to introduce me to Rick. I only got as far as a phone call. Rick was very nice, but said that he had plans to rent out those spaces again, and that he did not have any other space available that might suit our needs. So, I thanked him for his time, and told him I’d be back when we were looking for other types of support.

So, now is the time to concentrate on getting the word out – finding out what other families in New Kent might be interested in a robotics team.